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"He is far from done. He is just getting started."


  Jacob Estep is a up and coming internet figure. Covering areas of music and photography, he looks to dominate the industry with his unique style. As a 21 year old in college he has a busy life but that does not stop him from creating what he loves: and great pictures. He is looking to continue and push further into both of these areas while in college. From new music to new photo series, he will continue to push out content that is high quality and timeless. He knows it will be hard, but as Jacob says “Good and hard means it will be worth it in the end.”

  Jacob has been taking photos for around six years and producing his own music for seven years, and he’s just getting started. Now with access to state of the art technology, he looks to speed up his content production.

Experimental is how many people have described his music, and they are correct. Every track he releases sounds different as he try to grown in musical knowledge and pull from what he's learned over the years. Pulling inspiration from EDM from the early '10's and current Russian Hip-Hop, he crafts a new style unique to JACOB ESTEP only. 

  His photography work has been compared to the likes of Ansel Adams and others, just showing how talented he is. There is a reason his tag-line is “Seeing The World From A Different Angle”

  Jacob has moved around a lot in the past, but never left. He has now found solid footing as is ready to charge forward.

He is far from being done. He is just getting started.

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Jacob Estep

(513) 716-4947



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